The mission of the Hubs is to build a community of research analysts who can interpret climate transition impacts for corporations and provide information to aid financial decision makers.

Arc’s own research and engagement highlighted acute needs for climate finance analysts and experts in countries where there is significant potential to scale up climate finance. Our goal is to help equip them with the required skills and experience to align financing decisions with climate goals and ensure capital flows into climate solutions.

There is an urgent need to have more skilled professionals to deliver the data, analysis and products that will facilitate the flow of finance into regions considered essential for green development and climate transition. There is a shortage of analysts and experts who are steadily collecting crucial data and using scenario analysis to understand the impact of climate change on their businesses in the future.

In the Hubs, early-career professionals will receive vocational training to undertake critical research and analysis on companies’ efforts in meeting Net Zero by 2050. These analysts will be able to assess corporate climate transition plans and collect local and regional company data to produce both company-specific and sectoral analysis. The Hubs will serve as a centralized point of expertise and information-sharing to serve local and regional needs.


The exact locations, structures and deliverables of the Hubs will be shaped through discussion with local practitioners and market leaders, as part of our ‘Global Conversation Tour’.

  • We are visiting several countries in each of the following regions: Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and North Africa, and Asia-Pacific
  • In each location we host workshops and meetings, allowing for a collaborative process to test and refine Climate Arc’s strategy
  • Ahead of each visit, Arc will commission research into the local climate finance ecosystem and use it to design our process and discussions


We will share more details of our events and workshops as they are released. Come back soon to find out more.



Everything Arc does will be in partnership with the community. If you are interested in contributing to the Hubs – whether by conducting research, convening events, hosting a hub or in another role – please reach out to Stephanie Akinyelure, Global Hubs Lead,

Contact Stephanie