We provide funding to organizations that are building the solutions needed to accelerate the climate transition. Our grants fund the development of innovative analysis, datasets, training, and other toolkits that support climate finance decision making.

We fund projects and organizations that:

  1. 1

    Have strong expertise in both climate science and economics.

  2. 2

    Address needs that are currently underserved in the private sector.

  3. 3

    Are committed to transparency and open data principles.

Current grantees

  1. InfluenceMap

    Holding companies accountable on climate policy engagement

    InfluenceMap’s LobbyMap tracks the influence corporations, financial institutions, and industry associations engage and assess its consistency with its climate commitments.

  2. RMI

    Enhancement to PACTA 2.0

    Rocky Mountain Institution’s Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment is an open-source tool that helps financial decision makers to assess the asset-level data of portfolios against climate scenarios. 

  3. Science Based Targets

    Target-setting methods and guidance for insurers

    Science Based Targets Initiative in collaboration with the Net Zero Insurance Alliance is helping the insurance industry to set science-based net zero targets by developing target-setting methods, validation criteria, and guidance. 


  4. Transition Pathway Initiative

    Assessment of companies’ climate targets

    Transition Pathway Institute’s Global Climate Transition Centre is providing key accountability tools and benchmarks that track the delivery and robustness of corporate commitments and transition plans.

  5. World Benchmarking Alliance

    Assessments of companies’ low carbon transitions

    World Benchmarking Alliance carries out assessment of corporations' decarbonization and energy transitions in high-emitting sectors using the ACT (Assessing low-Carbon Transition) methodology. 

  6. Resilient Planet Data Hub

    Assessing physical risks and resilience

    Resilient Planet Data Hub aims to deliver the first open, globally-consistent, physical climate risk and resilience data designed for corporations and financial institutions.  

  7. Carbon Tracker Initiative

    Energy transition assessment for climate action

    Carbon Tracker Initiative carries out in-depth analysis on the impact of the energy transition of high emitting industries. Our grant focuses on assessment of companies that feed the Net Zero Benchmark of Climate Action 100+ coalition

  8. Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials

    Expansion on financed emissions standards

    The Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials derives standards and disclosure of financed emission, expanding the scope of its global Greenhouse Gas Emissions  accounting standard. 

  9. Climate Bonds Initiative

    Transition finance methodology

    Climate Bonds Initiative works to accelerate the asset allocation from high emitting assets to climate solutions. Arc has supported their efforts to standardize guidance on transition finance for investors. 

  10. Global Canopy

    Ramping up data-driven accountability on deforestation

    Global Canopy provides data and tracking tools on market-driven deforestation. The platforms help highly-exposed organizations better identify and act on risks in their operations, supply chains, and financing. 

  11. Chatham House

    Methodology development for research

    Chatham House is developing methodology on the way various public interventions may interact with, and complement, private sector initiatives to align private financial flows with climate goals.

  12. Climate Policy Initiative

    Enabling private and public financing flows

    Climate Policy Initiative is harmonizing taxonomies and benchmarks for clean solution investments – to analyze investment needs, trends, and progress. The team is also creating a technical plan for the scale-up stage. 

  13. Climate Policy Radar

    Using AI to scale up analysis of corporate disclosures

    Climate Policy Radar – in an innovative project – is deploying natural language processing and machine learning to accelerate the analysis of corporate disclosures by the Transition Pathway Initiative.