What is the role of open data in financing a 1.5-degree world?

Dive into the expert discussion on open data that we facilitated at London Climate Week in June 2022.

Written by Madeleine Lewis

During London Climate Week 2022, Climate Arc and Icebreaker One brought together 65 experts at Chatham House, to explore how open data could be used to mainstream climate science into investment decisions.

The attendees came from right across the climate data ecosystem, including financial institutions, commercial data providers, the NGO community, academia and consulting firms. Many of the initiatives working to solve parts of this problem were in the room. We are hugely grateful to all participants for sharing their time, insight and experience with us.

The event was held under Chatham House rules to create a safe space for open exchange and problem-solving.

Please see an outline of the discussion and action points in the report below.

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