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AI event at NYCAW
How can AI help us understand corporate transition performance?
This New York Climate Week, in collaboration with The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, we held a discussion with experts, practitioners, and funders to explore how Artificial Intelligence can help us understand corporate transition performance.
Panel at Chatham House for London Climate Action Week with, from left to right, Ana Yang, Felix Preston Michal Nachmany, Iain Clacher, Carl Miller, Matt Gray, and Bernice Lee.
Will the ChatGPT era revolutionize climate financing decisions?
Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. So how do we harness this technology to accelerate the climate transition through better and sharper analysis?  
Cityscape of Jakarta, Indonesia
Event / Research
Unlocking private capital for Indonesia’s transition 
An Arc team continued our Conversation Tour in Jakarta, Indonesia with a view to understanding and unpacking what’s needed to scale and speed the net zero transition in the region.
Luciane Moessa de Souza (SIS) Marina Briant (NINT) Gustavo Pinheiro (iCS)
Event / Research
Unlocking the climate finance opportunity in Brazil 
How we accelerate positive progress around climate finance in Brazil and how Climate Arc will tackle these through our Climate Finance Hub.
Image of a path running through a forest
Introducing the AGM Climate Data Tool
We created this tool to support non-profit and philanthropy communities working to accelerate corporate climate action during 'AGM season'. This beta version includes 16 databases covering disclosure, analysis and commitments.
Team climbing up an icy mountain
What is the role of open data in financing a 1.5-degree world?
Dive into the expert discussion on open data that we facilitated at London Climate Week in June 2022.
The climate finance data ecosystem by Climate Arc
Five solutions to transform the climate data ecosystem
Any institution’s decision-making function is only as good as the intelligence available to it. But right now, banks and other financial institutions are often forced to rely on poor quality climate data.
Emma Howard Boyd CBE, Chair of the Advisory Council at Climate Arc
Emma Howard Boyd CBE joins Arc as Chair
Emma will lead the effort to build Arc’s Advisory Council and Panel of Experts which will guide our work in accelerating and scaling up climate finance globally.